PostalAnnex+ has a shipping franchise for sale near you—how do we know that? Because part of the process of starting a franchise includes you in the decision-making on where to put your PostalAnnex+ store.

Entering into the exciting world of small business ownership may now be within your reach. When you buy a shipping franchise for sale from PostalAnnex+. you're tapping into over 20 years of our knowledge and experience in helping people start their own business.

And a shipping franchise for sale from PostalAnnex+ is more than simply boxing and shipping—our stores function as business centers for on-the-go, small or home office people, schools and neighbors. You'll also offer a full suite of products and services that include website design and hosting, 4-color printing, copying and binding/laminating, private mailbox rental, notary public services, faxing service, key cutting, office supplies and more.

From location scouting to a marketing tool chest, we'll give your business the support you need to develop your center into a valuable member of your community. Check out our site for information, and then call us or email us with any additional questions you may have.

It's time to become the business owner you've always wanted to be, with PostalAnnex+ by your side.

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