Be a part of what we believe is the best shipping franchise out there—PostalAnnex+! For over two decades, PostalAnnex+ has established itself as a leader in the shipping and packaging industry by creating a family environment with its franchisees. After all, the company never started out with the goal of being the biggest, just the best.

We offer a distinct advantage over other business services companies in the industry. Instead of focusing on just one carrier, PostalAnnex+ franchisees offer their customers a choice of FedEx, UPS, and USPS. For when you have choices, you create the best value for your customers, one that earns their loyalty. Choice seems to be part of the American way, and we hope your choice will lead you to PostalAnnex+.

Plus, we've believe we’ve become the best shipping franchise by offering so much more than just shipping: your customers will be able to get many of their to-do’s done under one roof. Private mailbox rental services, notary public services, website design and hosting, copying and lamination, faxing service, key cutting---when you open a franchise with PostalAnnex+, your store becomes a one-stop shop for all of the printing, office services and shipping needs of your customers.

Now it's your opportunity, one to fulfill your dreams of controlling your own future. To build a business for yourself, not for others. So join our team and open a PostalAnnex+ franchise. Today is the day for you to consider becoming a part of what we believe is the best shipping franchise: PostalAnnex+!

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