More than ever, individuals and businesses are demanding more time and cost saving ways to ship a package, copy a presentation, notarize documents and find other office-related services. That demand translates into opportunity, especially for those who desire to own their own business.

This web site gives you an overview of how that dream of business ownership can be yours with a PostalAnnex franchise. As you read about the various PostalAnnex products and services, imagine yourself providing service to your community and fulfilling your dream of becoming an independent business owner. It's an opportunity to grow personally, professionally and financially. And we'll give you the support and the system to help you grow your business.

Why a PostalAnnex Franchise?

  • Big Enough To Know, Small Enough to CareTM - With over 30 years in business and nearly 300 locations nationwide, PostalAnnex knows the business services industry.  Yet, we're the right size to still offer personal attention and care to all.  With former franchisees among the staff at the Home Office, we have "walked the talk", knowing what can be achieved within the system.  
  • Normal Business Hours - no late nights, no long weekends, just normal business hours.
  • Manageable-Sized Staff - From 2-12 employees, depending on sales.
  • Lower Initial Investment - Because we're primarily a service-based business, the initial investment is lower than many other concepts.
  • A Tested System - From the beginning, you are coached through the onboarding process: site selection, lease negotiation, financing guidance, training, buildout...all the way to opening day!  Avoid the expensive mistakes often encountered by those starting (and maintaining) and independent operation.
  • Award-Winning Marketing Materials - from Emmys for our television commercials to Silver Microphone awards for our radio spots, PostalAnnex has a team of expert marketing professionals providing you customized support to help you grow your business.

At PostalAnnex, you're in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.  As you browse through the coming pages, we're confident you'll begin to see yourself in a PostalAnnex business soon, serving your community, fulfilling your dream!


Doug Ware, Franchisee in Colorado Springs, tells why he joined PostalAnnex+.

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