At PostalAnnex+, we've got a postal business for sale—and we invite you to consider the opportunity in your pursuit of the American Dream. With this opportunity comes the support and resources to help your business become an integral member of your community.

And our postal businesses incorporate more than simply US Postal Service products and services—packing and shipping with UPS, FedEx, or UPS, 4-color printing, copying and finishing services such as stapling, binding and lamination, private mailbox rental, notary services, faxing services, key cutting, a selection of gifts and greeting cards, website design and hosting service, office supplies and more. With PostalAnnex+ it's more than just a postal business for sale, it's a whole office for people on the go. Perhaps the best postal business for sale?

Plus, when you join the PostalAnnex+ team, you get the support of our award-winning advertising and marketing team, ready to produce the customized marketing materials you need to help your business grow. Our experienced operational support staff includes former store owners themselves, those who have walked in your shoes and all are equipped to quickly answer your need for assistance.

We're not intent on becoming the biggest, we're just intent on becoming the best, and that means committing ourselves 100% to help you develop your dream. Just check out the testimonials we have from some of our over 300 franchisees, and we think you'll see that if you're looking to buy a postal business, PostalAnnex+ may be a great fit for you!

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