Get out from under working to build someone else's company with a PostalAnnex+ postal franchise. Imagine fulfilling your dream, the American Dream, of owning and operating your own business. Now you have a say in building a business for yourself and your family, not someone else. Imagine having the flexibility to make your own working hours, able to attend more family events during the day if you choose—all with a postal franchise from PostalAnnex+.

We've been in the shipping store business for over two decades, and we know what it takes to start and run a small business. And now we're ready to share that experience and learning with you—so that you have the opportunity to grow your own business just like we have had. From that very first store in the University City neighborhood of San Diego, sharing a wall with a U.S. Post Office, we've grown to a mature system of over 300 franchises. So you'll be joining a strong system of fellow franchisees to lean on, supporting each other along with assistance from the Home Office.

That means when you start a postal franchise with us, you're not starting a business by yourself, but for yourself. Won't it be easier and less stressful to join the PostalAnnex+ system than trying to start a small business all by yourself? Call or click here and we'll walk you through the process, helping you feel more confident about taking the step toward a building your future. We'll help you find a spot for your store, and work with you to set it up, and train you in running and managing your business, all using our system developed with over two decades of experience.

And once your postal franchise is up and running, we won't stop there: we'll continue to support you with ongoing training, award-winning marketing and operational support. Start fulfilling your dreams today of small business ownership with a postal franchise from PostalAnnex+!

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