Buy a shipping franchise and take control of your future with a PostalAnnex+ business service center. When you buy a shipping franchise from us, we help you with what you need to get your business running, so you're starting a business for yourself, but not by yourself. Launching your own business isn't a simple thing—site selection, buildout, choosing inventory, creating marketing campaigns, hiring and developing employees—but PostalAnnex+ will support you with its franchise model, developed with over two decades of experience in the shipping and business services industry.

We provide the tools and resources, but you'll be your own boss, running things the way you know they should be run, and every hour you work will be one hour spent on your future, instead of on someone else's business. And with PostalAnnex+ at your side, you'll received comprehensive training both before and after you open: Training, Marketing, Back Office Administration, Equipment Management, Vendor Relations—we'll even spend a week with you during your first week open just so you feel confident before taking the reigns.

Check out our website, look through the list of Frequently Asked Questions, and email us, or call us today; don't wait any longer to start your future. Buy a shipping franchise from Postalannex—the time has come!

Check out our website, email us, or call us today, and don't wait any longer to start your future. Buy a shipping franchise from PostalAnnex—the time has come!

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