Buy a shipping center from PostalAnnex+ today, and start living the American Dream! Imagine being able to set your own schedule, taking a day off in the middle of the week. Why? Because you're the boss!

When you buy a shipping center from PostalAnnex+, you get the support of a franchising system that has grown to nearly 300 PostalAnnex+ franchises. Our experts are ready to help you choose a location, coordinate construction and buildout, take you through 2 weeks of comprehensive training before you open, stand by your side for a week after opening, and provide ongoing, customized operational and marketing programs tailored for your own store.

Our national contracts with FedEx and UPS give you discounts to help you with your shipping sales. We'll provide you with a long list of other suppliers offering you products and services to help make your store a comprehensive business service center in your community.

We know that when you buy a shipping center you're looking for more personal freedom, and that's why we work with you to help you own a business for yourself, but not by yourself. All of our franchisees will tell you the same thing: the flexibility in the PostalAnnex+ system allows owners to tailor their store to their community, free from the "one size fits all" concept. We're ready to meet you! Are you ready to enjoy more freedom in your future? Call us today at 866-964-3142 and get started on living your own American Dream.

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