Join PostalAnnex+ and find a shipping franchise to open for yourself, but not by yourself. With a franchise system with over two decades of learning and experience, you'll benefit from sharing ideas and thoughts with other people in the same opportunity as you.

We view you like part of our family. From quickly accessible help support to creating marketing programs that suit your needs, PostalAnnex+ recognizes each person with a unique combination of strengths that when pooled with others in the system, results in a strong family of support.

And we've grown to offer you a strong system of nearly 300 PostalAnnex+ locations across the U.S. Read testimonials from our franchisees on why they chose PostalAnnex+. You can rely on PostalAnnex+ to guide you through startup: from choosing a place in your community, to buildout, to training to opening. Even then, we'll support you with an operational and marketing support team to help you in aspects of your business life. You don't simply find a shipping franchise with PostalAnnex+, you find a family of fellow franchisees and Home Office staff ready to help you grow your business.

Find a shipping franchise that fulfills your dream of working for yourself, not others—find PostalAnnex+ today.

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