At your PostalAnnex+, when your customers ship via UPS franchise owners like yourself are using one of the most recognizable brands in America to get your package safely and efficiently from here to there. And as a UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet, you'll have access to additional tools and support for when you need a little extra help with shipments of greater size, fragility or value. People will always have a need for shipping. Whether it's a present for a relative or a return to an online catalog store, you'll be providing an important, needed service to your community. And by using UPS franchise owners from PostalAnnex+ are offering a recognizable brand with a century of service.

Besides packing and shipping, your PostalAnnex+ will offer much more to your community: copying, notary public services, private mailbox rental, office supplies, faxing service—all to help keep you active and engaged in helping your customers solve problems, many under one roof. PostalAnnex+ has been in this business since 1985—we have experience in opening stores in all kinds of neighborhoods, from the city to the suburbs.

When you ship via UPS franchise specialists in the PostalAnnex+ Home Office also are there to help you with a range of support from assistance with UPS Software to knowing the requirements for insuring a variety of items with the carrier. All to make you the community expert in packaging and shipping anything, anywhere.

With PostalAnnex+ offering UPS franchise owners in our system present customers with one of three choices for shipping their packages, complementing FedEx and the Postal Service.

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