With a PostalAnnex+ franchise, you can start looking forward to going to work again. And since you're the boss, you even get to set your own schedule. Want to take the afternoon off to attend a family event? No problem. How about taking the morning to attend a business mixer? Your call.

With a PostalAnnex+ franchise of your very own, you'll wake up feeling excited to open up a store that is a vital part of meeting your community's needs. You won't go home smelling like grease or food, there aren't any dangerous materials you have to inventory and control—you're in a clean, office-type environment .

Our franchises are an attractive opportunity because of our commitment to provide customized operational and marketing support. We never set out to be the biggest, just the best. And we really consider our franchisees part of our extended family, known on first-name basis by our Home Office staff, not as a store number.

PostalAnnex+ will help you realize your dream of small business ownership, guiding you through the process of setting up and running your store using the model we've developed from over 25 years of experience. And your PostalAnnex+ franchise will be an integral part of your community as well, provided many needed products and services all under one roof.

The path to the American Dream of owning your own small business is closer than you think with a PostalAnnex+ franchise—your effort will benefit your future, not someone else's, and the end result is the satisfaction of knowing you went out on your own and made it happen.

Today is the day to start your new life with a PostalAnnex+ franchise of your very own.

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