A packing franchise from PostalAnnex+ is the first step toward the life you've always wanted—one in which all your hard work pays benefits to you, instead of your boss. We invite you to check out the opportunities that come along with a PostalAnnex+ packing franchise: market demand for packing and shipping stores in your community, multiple franchise growth potential; the satisfaction associated with being your own boss, and more.

A PostalAnnex+ packing franchise is an opportunity to own your own brick and mortar store that will be the center of your community, providing services like mailbox rental, UPS and FedEx shipping, copying, notary public services, key cutting, gifts and greeting cards, faxing services and much, much more. With over 20 years of experience, we have the tested systems to offer so that you don't have to start from scratch, paving a new path everywhere you turn in startup.

The services a PostalAnnex+ packing franchise offers serve the increasingly busy lifestyle of the general public. We often say PostalAnnex+ is like having your very own personal assistant, solving many problems under one roof. There's no time like the present to determine your own future and become part of the ranks of small business owners. PostalAnnex+ will help you in every step, from financing to store buildout, from training and grand opening to ongoing assistance with marketing.

Become your own boss today with a packing franchise from PostalAnnex+!

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