Because PostalAnnex+ was started in 1985 by Jack Lentz, over 20 years ago, we can offer you a unique chance to open a new franchise and fulfill the goal of owning your own business with a new franchise business. PostalAnnex+ is recognized worldwide as one of the largest franchisors of shipping and business service centers. We have over 400 locations throughout the globe! That means that we already have the experience and success that you can draw on to step confidently towards becoming a small business owner. Our proven formula has assisted hundreds of people like you own and operate their own new franchise business.

In addition to having the chance to open a new franchise, business owners in the PostalAnnex+ family have access to a wide array of resources and experience giving you everything you need to make informed business decisions, including already established operation systems, marketing knowledge, ample training and hands-on support from professionals who can help you succeed. Think of PostalAnnex+ as a chance to own a new shipping franchise with a built in business mentor. With our collective knowledge and skill, you will be able to rest easy, knowing that you have escaped many of the uncertainties and headaches that many first-time business owners face as they take on the daunting task of starting a company on their own. Your new franchise will offer integral services essential to any community—copying, shipping, private mailboxes, faxing, and everything in between.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a respected neighborhood business owner, working toward your own success, rather than someone else’s? Then give us a call and become a member of the PostalAnnex+ family and learn how to start your own business today!

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