Company offers free faxing for resumes and tips during national awareness campaign

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (September 3, 2009) - In today's competitive job market, making a good first impression is more important than ever. Job seekers, therefore, must make it a priority to perfect their presentation with an effective resume.

"In honor of Build a Better Image Week, which takes place September 20th – 26th, 2009, we invite job seekers to stop in to one of our franchise locations and send their resumes via fax – for free," said Steve Goble, vice president of marketing communications for Annex Brands, franchisor of the PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care-Packaging Store and Sunshine Pack & Ship shipping franchise brands. "This is our way of showing our commitment to the business community. We want professionals to have the resources they need to succeed at their fingertips."

Goble adds that although faxing alone may not be the best way to contact an employer, using a faxed resume as part of an overall, comprehensive communication strategy can be quite effective. "Job seekers should utilize various channels, including regular mail, email, telephone and fax in order to make their message clear," said Goble.

Goble recommends that professionals take the following steps to ensure that their resume gets the attention it deserves:

  • Send it the Right Person – When submitting a resume, it is crucial to get it into the hands of the proper contact at the company. Don't just assume that a human resources representative is the best choice; do some homework and send it to the head of the particular department in which the job opening exists.
  • Get to the Point – Since most readers make a judgment on a candidate within seconds of viewing a resume, the first 10 to 15 lines of the document are crucial. These lines should include your job objective and summary of skills, which essentially should sell your track record and accomplishments.
  • Pay Attention to Appearance – When mailing in a hard copy of a resume, the actual format and feel of the document can speak volumes. Every mailed resume should be freshly printed on high quality paper and should contain plenty of open space. A font style that is easy on the eyes – such as Arial 12 – is preferred.
  • Draw the Eye to the Important Points– Important details should jump out at the reader. Attention-getters such as borders, bullets, bolds and underlines should be incorporated but not overused. Use them wisely.

"The appearance of a resume – from its layout to its method of delivery – can make or break an employer's decision to further investigate the candidate," added Goble. "Job seekers simply should not assume that their current resume is sufficient. That type of passive approach only increases the risk that their credentials will get lost in the shuffle."

Offering services ranging from document binding to laminating to the building of customizable Web site templates, PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care Packaging Store and Sunshine Pack & Ship are the area's one stop shops for professional development. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, the locations have a wide range of offerings that can be used to enhance your business image.

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About Annex Brands
Annex Brands, Inc. is a franchisor of the PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care Packaging Store and Sunshine Pack & Ship brands. Formerly known as Postal Annex+, Inc, Annex Brands is headquartered in San Diego, California. Its brands offer shipping and business services such as moving van, freight shipping, small parcel and overnight document delivery services, private mailbox rental, notary service, high-speed copying in black & white and color, office supplies, web site/e-commerce services, faxing service, printing, stationery, rubber address stamps, key duplication, greeting cards and assorted gift items, all in a convenient, service-oriented environment. To find out more about the company, visit For information on shipping franchise opportunities, visit


Steve & Vicki Collo, Franchisees since 1993, made their PostalAnnex+ business a family business.

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