According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, more than 600 employees of the City of San Diego have put in for retirement this year, triple the number last year.

Is it because the baby boomers are now creating a wave of retirees? Possibly. But the article attributed the large increase to a cut in city benefits that take effect this month.
By retiring now, these employees are locking in better rates for their pension payouts and healthcare coverage.

But are these employees done?

Not so. And with many of these retirees in their fifties, they’re bound to be looking for the next place to utilize their experience and skills.

One popular choice is to buy a franchise. Franchising offers a prospect the ability to join a tested system rather than start a concept from scratch. In exchange for a franchise fee to start, and ongoing royalties and advertising fees, franchisees get support in the areas of:

  • operations
  • computers
  • customer relationship building
  • skill-building
  • networking
  • marketing planning
  • advertising materials
  • setting up a store's website
  • marketing co-op funds
  • ...and more.

To buy a franchise usually requires a level of net worth, depending on the type of franchise. PostalAnnex+ has a relatively low investment, compared to all the options available, ranging from $138,800 to $200,050.

PostalAnnex+ also offers its franchisees a Matching Funds Program in which a portion of the advertising fees paid are returned to the franchisees for qualified advertising expenditures.

In addition, when people buy a franchise from PostalAnnex+, they get assistance with site selection, directions in financing, comprehensive training both pre-and after opening, award-winning marketing materials, and more.

One of the first best steps for a retiree or anyone else seeking to own their own future and buy a franchise is to check out the Company’s franchising website.


Steve & Vicki Collo, Franchisees since 1993, made their PostalAnnex+ business a family business.

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