Customers ask for a private mailbox rental at a PostalAnnex+ mailbox franchise for a variety of reasons:

  • They want a professional appearance for their business, a street address indicating more permanency than a post office box address.
  • They are one of the 6.6 million home-based businesses in the United States, and don't want customers showing up at their home, especially when they're not.
  • They own rental properties and don't want tenants bothering them or their family at home.
  • They buy merchandise or supplies for their business but don't want them left on the front porch to be stolen.
  • They lead an organization, like a community sports league, that needs a central mailing place for communication.
  • They are concerned about identity theft, and don't want to leave their incoming mail unlocked in the mailbox in front of their home.

These reasons and more are why people get a private mailbox rental at a PostalAnnex+ mailbox franchise.

The benefits:

  • We'll receive packages from FedEx and UPS, an option not available with a p.o. box.
  • Many locations offer "caller service" or email notification, letting you know when a package or other important mail has arrived.
  • 24-hour service is available at many PostalAnnex+ stores.
  • Your mail is under lock and key, twice.
  • Your privacy is ensured. Store owners do not disclose to the public who rents from them.
  • Complementary services. PostalAnnex+ offers many more services in additional to private mailbox rental that save you time: packaging and shipping, postal services and stamps, copy services, key duplication, notary public service and more.

So private mailbox rental is just one of the valuable services offered at a PostalAnnex+. To find the location nearest you, visit the company's website.

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Steve & Vicki Collo, Franchisees since 1993, made their PostalAnnex+ business a family business.

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