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Luggage/Suitcase Boxes.

Thinking of traveling soon for work or pleasure? Consider a suitcase box.


  • Trade a $50 luggage fee at many airlines with shipping fee, often less.
  • Travel with less.
  • No worry about lost luggage when you arrive, it's already there!
  • Tracked so you always know where it is.
  • Planning to buy things at your destination? Send your extra purchases home.

The small luggage shipping box is acceptable for carryon sizes and holds up to 55 lbs. The larger luggage shipping box can hold up to 85 lbs, and is perfect for lighter but bulky items such as coats and sweaters. As we roll through summer and into cooler Fall and Winter weather, these boxes will be very handy for carrying winterwear.

Each box can be shipped ahead of travel, tracked and insured up to $50,000. Get a return shipping label to enclose for the return trip. Meets FAA and TSA regulations.

Visit the to purchase the luggage shipping box.



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