If you’re out and about and suddenly find yourself craving something sweet, but don’t completely want to blow your diet, frozen yogurt is a great option.  Luckily for those living in Kalispell, MT, Twisted Bliss can help.  A self-serve frozen yogurt shop, this family owned and operated business is an easy solution for those seeking a healthier option to ice cream. Conveniently located across the parking lot from Signatures Theaters, Twisted Bliss offers a variety of frozen yogurt and toppings, along with shakes and smoothies.

At Twisted Bliss, Kalispell locals will find ten frozen yogurt flavors and over 40 toppings.  The flavors change weekly, and this week’s flavors include: chocolate fudge sorbet, coffee, original tart, chocolate caramel turtle, root beer float, strawberry, cinnamon roll, red velvet cake, cable car chocolate, and Alpine vanilla. For those with dietary restrictions, Twisted Bliss always has non-dairy and no-sugar-added options to choose from.  Top it all off with granola, fresh fruit, Butterfinger pieces, cheesecake, brownies, and more.  Since the price of your treat depends on the weight, you’re in control of the amount and the cost.  Those who want to keep frozen yogurt on hand at home will want to check out the pre-packed freezer.

If you feel like it’s still a bit too cold for frozen yogurt, Twisted Bliss still has something to appeal to your taste buds.  The shop also service specialty coffees, like lattes, mochas, chai and more.  Warm up with a nice cup of coffee and relax on the sofas in the shop.

Before heading out to get frozen yogurt, if you have any shipping or office service errands to take care of, stop by the Kalispell PostalAnnex+.  The friendly professionals can professionally pack your items and compare shipping rates between FedEx and UPS to find the best rate and service for shipping your packages.


Steve & Vicki Collo, Franchisees since 1993, made their PostalAnnex+ business a family business.

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