We think PostalAnnex+ stores have become the best franchises to buy for one simple reason: you become part of a family, not a store number on a list. We never set out to be the biggest, just the best franchise opportunity out there!

Whether you're a first-time small business owner, or an entrepreneur looking for a new venture, PostalAnnex+ has the support team to help you grow.

We'll help you find a location for your business and provide you with the systems necessary to run it smoothly. We'll offer you two weeks of training at our Home Office before you open your store, followed by a week of in-store training upon opening. It's all part of our franchise success package. designed to give you the confidence you need to begin owning your piece of the American Dream.

And, you'll have access to award-winning marketing materials and a marketing and operational staff ready to help you build a customized advertising and promotion plan for your business. We pride ourselves on thinking we're one of the best franchises to buy, partly because we're not the biggest. Our size allows us to obtain national discounts from vendors including UPS and FedEx, yet know each by first name so you feel you are not just a store number.

Check out our site, and see for yourself why we think PostalAnnex+ is one of the best franchises to buy anywhere!

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